Paramount Academy of Music is an independently owned forward thinking music school. Our school is brand new, our concepts are brand new, but we have much musical experience to build upon. We are striving to build a community of aspiring young musicians from the ages of 10-18.

We are dedicated to creating a positive learning environment while offering a high-quality and diversified music education. We are in the pursuit of offering a first rate music education to the community, top quality customer service and we value appropriate employee contributions to make the school become the finest school possible.  We offer all the skills necessary to build a lifetime enjoyment of music, as well as the basis for a professional career.

We keep with the idea of forward thinking music education, offering a wide variety of experiences for the students to absorb and enjoy! We are also creating a warm and friendly place for students to drop their musical roots and grow into the musicians they would like to be. We intend on helping them with their musical vision, making their dreams become realities.

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