Paramount Academy of Music (PAM), located in Studio City, CA, is a new after-school Creative Music Education program for young people ages 10-18 years old.

We offer Private Lessons on Guitar, Bass, Voice, Keyboards, Drums/Percussion, Saxophone, DJ’ing, Songwriting, and Computer-based recording programs such as Logic, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live. Our teachers are inspiring pro-musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and DJ’s, who are both highly skilled and passionate about educating kids.

We also offer, in conjunction with lessons, The Performance Program, where students rehearse at the school once a week for 12-14 weeks, ending in an exciting Live Performance. Students who take lessons on Songwriting, also can enjoy the The Performance Program, ending with their own song being performed Live. This program runs every 12-14 weeks as well, but only rehearses live for 4 weeks leading up to the show.

We are very excited about rolling out our PAM Signature Workshops and Group Classes. These subscription based workshops/group classes/seminars dive deep into all concepts of music, allow the student the option to pick which classes they want to attend depending on their interest as well as their schedule.

Most after school music programs teach one style of music. At PAM, we teach all genres. From Rock to Pop to Electronic to Jazz, You name it: We teach it here.

Unlike most after school music programs, PAM believes that we must foster the student’s creativity and individuality and will give them the tools to not only become a better musician, but learn better and more efficiently. PAM’s students will also be encouraged to find their own identity and start to create their own music.

Additional side effects to this learning process include: Improved memory, organizational skills and mathematical ability, all while boosting their overall learning skills. Self-confidence will also go sky high. Your child may experience enhanced self-expression which has been known to relieves stress, improve social skills and develop amazing opportunities early on in life.

Carl Restivo, PAM’s Music Director and Co-Founder, has assembled and will be unleashing his Young Musicians Total Music Education Curriculum, that incorporates his 20+ years of music education experience as well as his unique perspective on how kids learn music best. Carl and PAM want to make it clear that if a student wants to make his or her own music, they will be encouraged and coached and have the opportunity to get started on it! Our teachers are also hand picked by Carl, and PAM pays the most competitive wage for music teachers in Los Angeles.

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